Help Wanted-Preferably Caucasian

Oh, boy. Can that headline actually exist somewhere? Surely not.

Well, have you ever heard of Cynet Systems? They’re a recruiting firm based in Sterling, Virginia, and they actually did post a job that had a preference listing for Caucasians.

Unbelievable. You’d think a recruiting firm of all places would know better. Apparently not, though, because someone else found that the same firm posted this ad that specified “female-only.”

The company was lambasted on social media and quickly removed the offending job postings, but the damage had been done.

Cynet Systems put out a statement that the ads were written up and posted by a new employee, but that excuse falls a little flat to me. It’s only been, what, 55 years since race-specific employment ads have been illegal and 52 years since gender-specific ads have been illegal?

You Had ONe Job

Cynet Systems’ whole reason for being is to help their clients find employees. If it was true that the ads were posted by a newbie, then it’s on management for not having reviewed the work before it was posted for all the world to see.

Good grief!

Help Wanted-Preferably Caucasian